Peter Mandelson and EU Trade chief Phil Hogan, throw their hats into the ring to be the next head of WTO.

With Roberto Azevedo, the Head of the World Trade Organisation, unexpectedly stepping down from his role, The EU’s Trade Chief, Phil Hogan, is considering throwing his hat into the ring to take over the seat, this according to his spokesman. In recent months, the WTO has come under fire from Donald Trump after he called for the organisation to reform. The next Chair would be in charge of setting rules on trade as tensions rise yet again between the US and China.


It was confirmed that Ex EU Trade Chief, Peter Mandelson, also threw his hat in the ring earlier this month along with candidates from Spain and Netherlands. People close to Hogan said that the question whether the US would back his candidature was “one of the things he’ll be exploring.” When the press asked about Mr Hogans thoughts on reforming the WTO, Mr Hogans Spokesman said: “He’s a strong supporter of a reform agenda for the WTO,”. Members of the WTO, will be putting forward their candidates on June 8th.

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