VIDEO – Brexit talks could reach “crisis point” – Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney.

It wasn’t that long ago that Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said that the EU would have the upper hand over the UK during these negotiations. Only less than six months later, the words will remain to haunt him, as the UK is preparing to walk if there is no FTA deal reached between the EU and UK at the end of 2020.
Crisis planning is being highly considered in Ireland as Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said talks “haven’t gone well.”
He told RTE: “Progress has not been good in a couple of rounds of negotiations we’ve had.
“Of course, there have been huge distractions for everybody in the context of COVID-19.
“There are only two rounds of negotiations left before an assessment in mid-summer, and one of them is this week.
“The UK seems to want to pick the areas where they want a deal early and solely focus on those, while the EU has made it clear that’s not an approach they can work with.
“In order to get a trade deal we need to know there’s a level playing field, so businesses in Ireland are not disadvantaged.”
Below is his full interview.

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