EU Trade Commissioner worried UK is heading for the exit without a deal.

EU trade commissioner, Phil Hogan, is getting worried that the UK may be heading for the exit with out having a deal in place. This is worrying for the EU because of how much we buy from them, meaning the UK will become more competitive without EU rules locking down the UK.
Mr Hogan said: “Perhaps the United Kingdom has come to the conclusion that there’s not going to be a deal. I hope not because we want a deal, but speed is of the essence because time is short,”

Phil went onto suggest that the UK needs to put in more effort and move on certain issues, this is code for wanting the UK to concede to EU demands. The commissioner said: “We hope that we will see a bigger effort than we’ve seen to date from the United Kingdom side to move on certain issues, because we stand ready to move on ours, to move forward some of the solutions that are required on many issues of concern to both sides,”

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