MP pulled out of last night’s BBC Newsnight show knowing the bias that awaited him.

Conservative MP for Shrewsbury, Daniel Kawczynski. Declined the invite to appear on last nights bias BBC Newsnight show, headed up by Emily Maitlis. On Twitter, Daniel said “I had to decline Newsnight interview last night on Mr Cummings as I find Emily Maitlis to be extraordinarily aggressive, unnecessarily rude, biased & confrontational to point of intimidation. This behaviour would not be tolerated in any normal workplace so why do we accept from BBC.”

Today the BBC came out with a statement trying to distance themselves from Emily’s biased monologue regarding Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings.

After the said statement from the BBC, the Newsnight Presenter was absent on tonight’s show, with the replacement presenter making a statement on Twitter before her appearance. Below is a video showing Emily’s bias monologue.

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