PRO EU ESTABLISHMENT ANGERED: Dominic Cummings brought down a pro EU establishment plot to extend the transition period, organised while he and Boris fell ill.

It has come to light that Dominic Cummings squashed a plot to extend the transition period that was being planned when the PM and Cummings fell ill. This hasn’t been widely reported, but in early May a news report in the Telegraph said: “A deal to extend the transition in light of the crisis had been all but agreed at an official level. The EU was to have spared the UK’s blushes by proposing it, rather than the other way around. This would have allowed the UK government to present the concession as a favour to the EU, rather than a climbdown. But then Dominic Cummings, the Prime Minister’s chief adviser, returned and the plan, concocted by underlings while he and Boris Johnson were laid out on their sick beds, was scuppered.”
Is it any wonder why the whole remainer pro EU establishment including every news outlet, are using the people’s Coronavirus lockdown frustrations and aiming everything at Dominic Cummings, the very man who yet again has torn up and brought down the pro-EU establishments plan to extend the negotiations while the Prime Minister was ill.
People yet again are being used and led by their anger and frustrations directed by the media to aim their hatred at Cummings, and people have fallen for it yet again. The tables need to turn; the media should be under fire, not Cummings. This isn’t about coronavirus or the ride down to Durham; it’s about ridding of a man who destroyed the establishments plan to keep us locked in the EU.

The media are now attacking Dominic’s elderly family, trying to turn Durham against them in the hope it pressurises Cummings to resign. This is a sick ploy and should be seen as that. Please don’t fall for it. There are words highlighted in this article showing where the evidence has come from. Below is a video showing the media going after Dominics parents.

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