Dominic Cummings exposed the media, winning people’s heart and minds.

After days of hounding by the Mainstream Media, it was finally Dominic’s turn to tell his truth. Mr Cummings was verbally attacked in the street, publicly defamed on all tv, media platforms, without hearing his side of the story. Everything in the press that we’ve been reading has been assumptions and claims by anonymous sources. Downing Street today, surprised the Mainstream Media by confirming there would be a press conference in the gardens of 10 Downing Street followed by a public Q&A. This instantly shocked the mainstream media, as this has never happened before but little did they know it was Mr Cummings perfect chance to expose and call out the media bias.

The stage was set for the public showdown, a single chair and table in the middle of the garden, with a single tall mic for the media. Little did the press know that this stage was set up perfectly to give the media the power to look down on Mr Cummings, and they gladly took the bate. One by one they took turns in interrogating Mr Cummings, journalist after journalist took their opportunity to beat down on a man who did what he could for his family. The result from the trial by media had the desired effect; finally, people on social media who were against Cummings started to come round to defending the man the press was beating down upon. In the end, Mr Cummings won the people’s reasoning, and the media lost their fake news angles which they had built up over the past few days. People saw the truth and could relate to the situation. In the end, the media were found to be the liars, who orchestrated the deliberate drumming of the lynch mob mentality. In the end, the truth prevailed over the evil media spin machine.


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