VIDEO – Alastair Campbell goes on the attack, labelling Cummings statement “a complete car crash”

When Cummings confirmed he was going to make a statement and then a Q&A, the media tried to stop it, claiming it was against the rules. If we’re honest, the press didn’t want Cummings to have a chance to speak his truth as it would bring down the media’s fake narrative. The press then repeated the same questions over and over in an attempt to try and wear Dominic down. The whole trial by Media was the lowest event people have witnessed since this fake news saga started. It was hard to watch, infuriating seeing the media beat on a man who’s judgement was the right call.

As confirmation that the media had failed in their attempt to bring down Cummings, Alastair Campbell then labels his statement as ‘a complete car crash’. Below is a video showing Alastair Campbell’s outburst.


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