VIDEO – Key witness in the Dominic Cummings story was an anonymous source.

This morning on the BBC Andrew Marr show, they interviewed the reporter who was running this story on Dominic Cummings. Pippa Crerar, who’s the political editor at the Mirror, was asked on the credibility of her sources. This was when she dropped her bombshell that the source was an anonymous source.
Pippa said: “Well, you know its standard practice isn’t it? Often people don’t want to go on the record understandably. They might feel uncomfortable about getting that level of public attention, and they decide. The newspapers of the broadcast organisations agree to allow them to speak off the record so that a story can get out.”
Pippa goes on to say: “There’s no sort of particularly glamour to this. We’ve just done old fashioned traditional journalism. We have spoken to sources. We have gone over conversations. We have done our basic journalistic due diligence. We have the dotted the I’s and cross the t’s if you like, and you know, we have what this witness has told us, and we believe that is, you know, it’s a plausible account People for People”.
It’s amazing how this story has caused a storm from a source we don’t even know is a legitimate source or yet a real account. Reporter – How do you make the best of the situation with regard to brexit?

AUDIO – Key witness in the Dominic Cummings story was an anonymous source.

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