Keir Starmer insists that the battle on Brexit is over.

Keir Starmer is insisting that the battle on Brexit is over, as he dismisses the idea of campaigning to rejoin the EU. The Labour leader said he is focusing on what deal we leave the EU instead of re-fighting the Leave and Remain battle once again.

Keir insists that Labour needs to focus on ‘what sort of a deal we have with the EU and what sort of deals we have with the rest of the world’. Keir gave signs saying that he wants to pull away from the disastrous era under Jeremy Corbyn, hoping to win people over in being seen as proudly patriotic. He made it very clear that he wouldn’t be snubbing events like state banquets like his predecessor did when Trump visited the UK.

Keir Starmer insists that the battle on Brexit is over.

Sir Keir said: ‘I’m proud that we’re patriotic, I don’t think we should be shy about it, I think it is something we should be very proud of and I think the fact thousands and thousands of activists give up their free time to try and improve our country is a real reflection of just how patriotic, they are.’ When asked about state events Keir said: ‘I’ve never shied away from these events,’. ‘I’ve attended them when I was director of public prosecutions. No doubt I’ll attend them as leader of the Labour Party.’

In conclusion to what Keir is saying, it is refreshing to hear that the leave and remain battle is over, but as fresh as the words may be, I, as a Brexiteer still don’t believe a word he says. Not only did he oversee the attempted destruction of a democratic vote, but he was trying to make precedent with his strategy on overthrowing a democratic vote.


Just imagine what would have happened if Keir had gotten his way. How would any vote in the future count if precedent stated that it could be overturned. The man’s idea was dangerous and naive to think that the public would have wholeheartedly have gone along with it, which is not a good look as a leader. Keir put self-ego and ambition above the democratic fabric of this great country, and he dares to claim he’s patriotic. My question is, patriotic to who?

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