OPINION – People are angry and rightly so. But why are the government being cautious on its response to the crisis in the English Channel?

Yesterday when Nigel Farage exposed what was going on in the English Channel, the mood on social media turned very quickly and rightly so. The majority saw what we all suspected was going on, but it hurt, even more, to know it was a fact after seeing the handover happen. To see the French ship escort the migrant vessel across the border into British waters was a massive eye-opener, and to be honest, it made me very angry. 

We then saw the UK border force turn up to take the migrants back to Dover after witnessing them being enabled to break the law with the help from the French authorities. One of the most devastating things I saw on the short clip was the UK and French authorities threatening to commandeer the vessel Farage was filming from, because they wanted to hide the handover of the boat. Many people now want questions answered. And rightly so. But this may leave the Government vulnerable. 

To remedy this situation, the Government need to be straight with people, but unfortunately, we all know that won’t happen, and in this instance, there may be a good reason. If the UK government were to come clean, admitting that the UK can’t do anything while we are still in the structures of the EU, you would see a mass free for all in the English Channel that would be overwhelming. That is why the Government are sidestepping the public into focusing on future laws that would snap into action when we leave the EU in its entirety. 

This also gives the correct optics for now as it shows strength from the Government on what is coming. If anything, with Farage highlighting this crisis, it has crystallised our reasoning for why we want out of this corrupt political foreign entity. It may also give Boris and his team, a more enhanced focus on why leaving the bloc in its entirety, is paramount to putting things right. 

This is only one man’s opinion who seeks clarity amongst this crisis. What’re your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “OPINION – People are angry and rightly so. But why are the government being cautious on its response to the crisis in the English Channel?

  1. and our taxes will go up to give these free house free money bring thier familys over and we keep them for rest of thier lifes , and our government is making us do this , were going to have high taxes now with the country shutting down ,….. what else is being hidden while were on lockdown ,…… are we actually on lockdown only to hide the carry ons

  2. all i no is this,it is a good job we have the likes of nigel to highlight just what is going on in the English channel ,why or why are we paying thousands and thousands of pounds to the French government it is just another case of piss take full screw.now nigel has shown what is going on ower goverment must take action

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