Lefty Writer labels Nigel Farage a W**ker while saying “the invasion of boats” coming to the UK carrying illegal migrants is “fictional.”

With Pro EU remainers losing their battle on remaining in the EU, they seem to have turned their energies to lashing out, attacking people with insults. The latest victim is Nigel Farage, who has become the latest figure of their defaming attacks. This found news piece if you can call it that, labels the English Channel crisis as fictional while labelling Nigel Farage a “W**ker” for going to Dover to highlight and investigate this hidden story which the left would prefer you to keep quiet about and on the down-low.

The magazine for Pro EU fans labelled “The New European”, who’s editor at large is Alastair Campbell, has come out with a specifically targeted hit piece on Nigel Farage, written by a reactive, nasty lefty writer who goes by the name of Steve Anglesey.

Steve’s article titled: “Steve Anglesey on Nigel Farage’s fictional migrant ‘invasion’ narrative” starts by saying: “After a bumpy moment with the cops over whether he was an essential worker or just essentially a w**ker, Nigel Farage is now free to drive anywhere he likes on the south coast and exercise not just his vocal cords but also his misplaced sense of innate superiority by shouting at desperate people in boats.”

This statement is full of Fake News, firstly is how Steve tries to set the scene as if Farage has deemed himself a superior being for reporting on people breaking the law coming into our country illegally. Steve then goes on to label the illegal lawbreakers as just innocent desperate “people in boats”. This couldn’t be further from the truth as innocent desperate people don’t pay traffickers thousands of pounds to leave a safe country to break into a country to seek asylum illegally. Doing that deems them criminal, not heroic.

Steve’s second Fake News statement, was when he says Farage has been “shouting at desperate people in boats”. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve watched all of Farage’s videos and nowhere is he seen physically shouting directly at migrants. He does talk at the camera and then sits silently to observe what’s going on, documenting the facts.
Steve’s whole article seems to be written from an armchair point of view, expressing hatred for Farage, while trying to normalise lawbreaking as a brave act.

It’s beyond me when people claiming boats carrying illegal migrants, who have paid traffickers thousands of pounds to help them deliberately break into the UK, illegally, is somehow a heroic act. Steve instead should be reporting from the scene and not offering a self-opinionated utopia vision on what he thinks is going on.

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