UK Brexit negotiator David Frost believes in Brexit “I’ve never seen Michel Barnier so angry as he was after last weeks Brexit talks”

A very eye-opening interview came out today on the Nick Ferrari radio show, on LBC, where telegraph reporter James Crisp told all about what has been going on in Brussels. Here’s what James said on the Show:  “Well, you have to imagine it, we’ve got two big beasts facing each other here, the UK and the EU, both sides are in their trenches, and both are saying to the other side, you’ve got to move. That’s almost been the story of Brexit in a way, but we’ve had this constant, no, you must go first, no, you must go first, and we’re back in that situation.”

“Last week, trade negotiations continued in Brussels and went very badly. On Friday, I don’t think I’ve seen Michel Barnier look So angry; it was really very unusual for him, he’s a very unflappable quite distinguished gentleman. So, it was strange to see him so visibly exasperated.”

“I mean his press conference was actually delayed due to some technical problems. And while the press conference was delayed, a British statement came out from Frost, accusing the EU of having this ideological approach to the trade talks of being inflexible. I mean that’s an accusation people are very sensitive to in Brussels because it is difficult to get 27 countries behind one position. It is in almost every single area you can imagine, migration, COVID, EU budget.The only thing we ever seem to manage to get United behind his Brexit ironically enough.”

When asked why Barnier was so angry, James said: “I think it’s the accusation that the EU is unreasonable, that the EU is inflexible and unyielding, as far as they’re concerned, nothing in the negotiations should come as a surprise.”

“Boris Johnson agreed on a political declaration, a non-binding document, setting out the aspirational terms of the trade deal, and everything more or less that Mr Barnier is asking for, could be seen as being in that document.”

“It’s just the case of interpretation, and both sides interpret it very very very differently. I think there’s also a bit of surprise for the EU side. They’re not dealing with Theresa May’s team; they’re dealing with a team of people who have clear instruction from the top.”


“A team of people who certainly Mr Frost, believes in Brexit and are motivated to go into a fight for what they see is the fundamentals of Brexit.”

“There is no continue jurisdiction of the European court of justice. There is no influence of EU bodies in British life and whether you’ll remain or leave, you know, I think you have to agree, but Brexit does mean those things come to an end.”

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