Labour MP “We mustn’t crash out without a deal.”

Labour still hasn’t given up the dream for reversing the EU referendum. Labour MP Rachel Reeves, the Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, has made it clear that if the UK is about to crash out of the EU, we must take the time “necessary” to get one. This means labour is suggesting that we should run on EU terms, EU’s time table and seek a deal for the betterment of the EU and at the detriment of the UK as we are left tied to the EU.

The Labour MP said: “We want Government to focus wholly at the moment on tackling the coronavirus.
“But the Government are still saying that they can get that deal by the end of this year.
“You’ll remember at the election that the Government said they had an ‘oven-ready deal’.
“They claimed that this would be the simplest deal to negotiate.”
She continued: “The Government are still saying that is the case.

“We’re saying that they mustn’t rush this.
“If they are not going to secure a deal, we mustn’t crash out without a deal. 
“That means taking the time that is necessary.”
Ms Reeves added: “But it’s up to Government to show that they can deliver the promises that they’ve made to the British people. 

“That is getting a good deal and a deal by the end of this year. “If they’re not in a position to do that, they need to come back and explain a timetable.”

As a nation, we need to be thankful that the now Prime Minister Boris Johnson has a robust and determined direction and that’s to leave the EU in its entirety by the 31st December 2020. From in-depth polls carried out by Savanta-ComRes for the Centre for Brexit Policy, finds that by a margin of 44 per cent to 40 per cent the British public is opposed to an extension of the transition period. Meaning the People in the UK want to get on with it and be done with the Brexit saga.

At a massive cost of £380 billion, if we were to extend the negotiation (figures from the Centre for Brexit Policy report), the question has to be asked. It’s that money best spent in Britain or bailing out failing EU member states?. Is it money well spent when we can’t do trade deals for as long as we are in the EU rules by the EU.

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