Barnier threatens No Deal, while panicking over Britain leaving with No Deal


Michel Barnier continues his threat of no-deal while panicking that no deal now becomes a significant possibility. In yesterday’s post negotiation conference, Michel Barnier told the World’s press, “we refuse to compromise on our European values to benefit the British economy. Economic and commercial fair play is not for sale!”. Barnier says this while expecting the UK to compromise its competitiveness and freedom to seek free trade deals world wide post-2020.

It is clear that what’s “good for the goose, isn’t good for the gander”, so why should the UK accept the obvious poisonous chalice being offered by the EU. Why should Britain cut off its hands before we even have a chance to steer the ship to a brighter future, outs side of the EU’s bogged down overreaching EU regulations and bureaucracy?
Barnier’s idea of a level playing field is to cut Britains competitiveness as we break free from the EU and rejoin the rest of the World. Barnier said: Any deal “Must be underpinned by fair competition conditions, namely when it comes to state aid, social standards, or taxation.” Barnier also wants to pretend that precedent doesn’t matter and that we shouldn’t compare past trade deals to the substandard one the EU is offering the UK.
The EU negotiator uses proximity, and due to us being a former member for his reason to be giving the UK a substandard deal. Nowhere in his speech did Barnier mention that the deal is collapsing due to the unwillingness to let the UK have a real deal, known as an FTA, which has precedent, giving freedom from EU bureaucracy, like other third nation the EU presently has agreements with.
The institute for governments definition of a level playing field is as follows: “A level playing field is a trade policy term that refers to a set of common rules and standards that are used primarily to prevent businesses in one country undercutting their rivals in other countries, in areas such as workers’ rights and environmental protections”

Going forward, it’s Boris Johnson’s ambition for the UK to become a champion of free trade around the World. That’s why the EU wants to tie us to their rules. Britain has made clear “The UK’s written statement on the future relationship rejects the need for strong legal commitments on the level playing field, and the UK does not want to agree to measures which go beyond a typical trade agreement. It wishes to avoid EU law being the basis of establishing common standards and does not want to be subject to the jurisdiction of EU institutions.”

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