Barnier seeks Mercy by the British through threat.

Yesterday Michel Barnier was full of contradictions. First, the EU negotiator stated that the UK should move its stance and accept the substandard “level playing field” deal that’s on offer while saying the EU can’t move to offer Britain a Canada Free Trade Agreement FTA. The Gaul of this man is beyond belief. Why would anyone seek to leave an ever-increasing power-hungry organisation, that loves to dictate from the gravy train, only to keep its self attached, at the detriment of never being able to become a real competitive player of global free trade?

Here’s the biggest contradiction. Back when we entered the EU, the then Prime Minister Edward Heath gave away our territorial fishing waters, as a token gesture to get into the EU. This rotten move destroyed many British coastal towns, communities and livelihoods, yet, on fisheries, the EU seeks sympathy through threat.

Even though the EU then, was happy to see the destruction of British coastal towns, today Barnier seeks our mercy through a provocative stance: “Our Member States have been very clear that, without a level playing field, and an agreement on fisheries, there will be no economic and trade partnership agreement.”

Fishing Fleet at Grimsby Docks

It’s clear to see that Barnier doesn’t want to give back our waters without a hand in how it’s controlled. Instead, the Blocs negotiator blasts the UK saying past precedent on trade deals isn’t acceptable to use as a guide, while using precedent himself on fisheries knowing the devastation on EU coastal towns when the UK legally takes back its territorial waters once again.

That devastation on EU towns doesn’t need to happen, yet most likely will happen, due to the EU’s hunger for control and power over the UK post negotiation talks. The UK has already declared its aim of becoming an independent coastal nation, who wants a Canada style free trade deal, Yet the EU refuse this reality. The UK has offered the EU access into UK waters, as long as EU boats adhere to UK rules and quotas, yet, again, the EU refuse this gesture.

When Britain finally drops its sails and leaves for the open seas, you will see a rapid decline in support for the EU. The reason we know this to be the case is that they deem the betterment of the EU isn’t change of direction, but more of the same EU.

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