Ann Widdecombe destroys the EU’s negotiation stance “There was just no unity around it”


With EU negotiator Michel Barnier making all sorts of demands to the UK, former Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe has something to say about it. In an exclusive interview with the Express Newspaper, Ann trashed the EU claim of solidarity saying: “The first thing that happened was they all closed their borders against each other – so much for freedom of movement, which was pretty much the first casualty.
“They all stopped sending medical supplies to each other.

“The whole thing just fell apart on day one of the first big crisis.
“There was just no unity around it. Merkel could have said anything at that point, or von der Leyen could have said anything, and so what?”

In response to the clash of EU and German courts, Ann Widdecombe said: “Once they start challenging each other at law, then you have got a problem.”

Ann joined the Brexit Party to help reinforce the People vote in 2016 to leave the EU. Ann said: “It is more important than ever that we have control over our economy.

“For example, it is a rule of the European Union that you cannot give state aid to your own industries to prop them up.
“How the hell do you come out of this without being able to to that?
“We have got to be free to make our own decisions.
“So far as I am concerned, Brexit has never been so compelling.”

“I am sure that is true; I share that judgement.
“I think Boris Johnson has got to be very firm in saying every time he is asked, which he is quite frequently, ‘No, we are going on the 31st, and that is it, and there is not an argument.
“Don’t forget we have not got any say in EU law at the moment and if they start passing law as we start passing law as we come out of this in order to save themselves we are going to be in a very bad state indeed – we have got to get out on the 31st.”

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