Mainstream media EXPOSED for pushing FAKE NEWS about Boris

Since Sunday the media has had a field day with Boris Johnson’s speech. The media claims that Boris told people to go back to work on Monday, yet on a second look at Boris Johnson’s speech nowhere in his speech is the word Monday mentioned.



The media, along with Labour, seem to be doing all they can to turn the people against Boris. This year is the year we leave the EU in its entirety, and at the minute the media along with the political establishment that back the EU want the economy to worsen in hope we extend the transition period.

The media along with again the Labour Party are putting the fear of God into parents and teachers in hopes schools stay close as they know if the schools are shut parents can’t go work meaning the economy could tank even more.

Ask your self this question. Is the media or the labour party in it for saving life’s, or to gain politically?

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