Germany Fearful that UK may leave without a deal.

Round 3 of Brexit negotiations are now underway. The EU is angry, due to Boris having his heart set on leaving the EU on 31st December 2020, with or without a deal. So far, the negotiations have been exceptionally turbulent. Mainly due to the EU wants the UK to sign up to a term they called “The Level Playing Field”, which is an umbrella trap which would cap the competitiveness of the UK in any future trade deal.


If the UK adopted the “Level playing field”, the UK would legally have to mirror the EU rules and regulations, meaning we could never become competitive, not only that, the UK would be restricted to what it can achieve in trade deals.

The UK has until 30th June to ask for an extension; this is why the EU is so pushy towards the UK because time is short. Despite the applied pressure, Boris still wants a free trade deal struck before the deadline. Boris has even threatened to walk if not enough progress has been made before the recap meeting in June.

With the talks now becoming deadlocked, the Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney warned: “Given the complexity of what we’re trying to deal with here and the added complications, and there are many; as a result COVID-19, it surely makes sense for us to seek a bit more time.

“I think anybody looking at this from the outside could only conclude it makes sense to look for more time, but I wouldn’t be raising expectations to the British Government agreeing to seek more time.
“COVID-19 has made what is already a very, very difficult timeline to get agreement virtually impossible.”

Germany is becoming more fearful of the UK leaving without a deal. Once the UK leaves, in its entirety, the EU rules that bind the UK would fall, meaning Britain would finally be able to chart her own course, reconnecting to the rest of the world.

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