EU try and bully the UK into an extension. Boris hasn’t wavered, still standing strong. EU look weak.

The third round of the Brexit negotiation talks started yesterday. The EU negotiators have been at it yet again, with trying to turn the screw on the UK.


The EU’s narrative is to say; it’s the UK which is dragging its feet in these negotiations, yet that excuse is being used as cover to hide their weakness. Britains negotiators continue to refuse the attempted one-sided agreement that is being served up by the Eurocrats.

The constant demands from the EU being pushed upon the UK show that time is running out for the EU to strike a deal. The federation of German Industry managing director Joachim Lang has said: “It’s a realistic prospect that the lead negotiators will again be left empty-handed at the end of this week. “The coronavirus crisis has already cost very many jobs across Europe. “If the Brexit transition phase expires without an agreement at the end of the year, it would turn an already difficult situation into a catastrophe.”

Even with All the wrangling and demands coming from the EU, Boris Johnson is still actively standing by his guns. The PMs focus is now on leaving the EU by the end date, 31st December, which is set in law with or without a deal.

Downing Street knows that a turn towards an extension would mean being caught up in the most significant legislative overhaul in EU history as it recovers from the coronavirus pandemic. The question is, do we want to continue and prolong our exit as it would come at a high cost to the UK taxpayer and restrict our country yet again from doing trade deals around the world?

With the EU’s tactics, not working the EU is rattled. Mr Lang angrily hit out at the tactics of the British team led by David Frost, the Prime Minister’s lead negotiator. He said: “The tactics of the British Government are not appropriate considering the seriousness of the situation. “Our companies need a clear willingness from London to solve existing problems together. “The British Government must take into account the legitimate concerns of industry on both sides of the Channel.” If the two sides do not strike up a deal, Britain will leave the transition period and trade with the EU on World Trade Organisation terms.

The seriousness of these negotiations is now setting in for the EU, as the UK is a massive monetary contributor, with an enormous trade deficit imbalance which the EU doesn’t want to lose. The narrative always seems to be if we can only hang onto the UK, just a little bit longer, and even more so now they want our money due to the coronavirus crisis. What’re your thoughts?

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