Nigel Farage: “our message has to be very very simple, anybody that comes to the United Kingdom illegally, you will not be allowed to stay”

Nigel Farage appeared on TalkRADIO yesterday, being interviewed by Ian Collins. In the interview, when asked about the illegal migrants who have been coming across to the UK by boat Nigel said: “Well, I mean, if we go back to 1951 of the Geneva Convention on this, you know, you claim Refugee status in the first safe country you come to.”


“I mean the real issue here is that most people that are coming via this route would never qualify as refugees, there be 80% of them are young males to the ages of 18 and 30, they come in from all over the world, yes one or two, maybe come from oppressed areas, but I don’t think most do. So this is economic migrants, being conducted by criminal gangs, Being done now on a scale, I mean think about it, 583 people have got into the UK that we know of since lockdown began. So the numbers are increasing very very sharply.”

“And I think our message has to be very very simple that anybody that comes to the United Kingdom illegally, you will not be allowed to stay. If they do have a valid claim to being refugees, they will make that claim somewhere else because if we don’t do that, all we do is to continue to feed this trade.“

”Do you know the last three thousand people that’ll come illegally of the UK via this route only a hundred fifty-five have been returned that less than 5% and one assumes those making that Journey a fully aware of that.”

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