German Constitutional Court over ruled by ECJ: “EU law has primacy over national law, European Court of Justice are binding on all national courts”

The EU’s top court strikes back, following Germany’s constitutional Court ruling earlier this week, which dismissed a decision taken by the European court of justice in 2018. The Luxembourg-based institution has responded.
“The ECJ says that it alone has the right to rule on EU institutions and interpret EU law, divergences between EU countries courts would place in Jeopardy the unity of the EU legal order.”


Austrian Economist, warns about the political danger which stems from this ruling: “National constitutional court has put itself above the European court of justice, And this calls into question. Not only for monetary policy, not only for economic policy, but this also puts into question the legal and judicial foundations of which Europe is being built.”

The German ruling appears to set an uneasy president for the EU as other European countries could eventually challenge the EU top Court’s decisions.

A statement from Ursula Von De Layen said: “The recent ruling of the German Constitutional Court put under the spotlight two issues of the European Union: the Euro system and the European legal system.”

Ursula continues: “In the same vein, the European Commission upholds three basic principles: that the Union’s monetary policy is a matter of exclusive competence; that EU law has primacy over national law and that rulings of the European Court of Justice are binding on all national courts.”
The commission president finishes: “The final word on EU law is always spoken in Luxembourg. Nowhere else.”

With this clash being performed in public, the EU commission can not let this go as the commission has to be seen as supreme otherwise other EU member countries will use this as precedence for future cases. The commission responds: “We are now analysing the ruling of the German Constitutional Court in detail. And we will look into possible next steps, which may include the option of infringement proceedings.”

“The European Union is a community of values and of law, which must be upheld and defended at all times. This is what keeps us together. This is what we stand for.”

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