Keir slates Boris on TV whilst knowing more Information on the PM’s speech is to be revealed today.

Keir Starmer, yet again, gave public interviews trying to sound important with his “people were expecting some clarity” narrative, after Boris Johnson gave an address to the nation on future steps to reopening the economy. 

The Labour leaders attempt for a bit of limelight came after he admitted that more details on Boris Johnson’s speech would be released tomorrow while using the interview as a political tool to bash Boris. With Keir fully knowing that Boris was going to expand on his words from his speech, was Mr Starmer’s response just or deliberate?. 

Just goes to show that playing dumb to the public is his way of giving the impression that Keir is on the side of the people. Unfortunately, many people don’t buy his attempt.

Keir Starmer said: “I think what the country wanted tonight, was real clarity and a sense of consensus, I’m afraid we haven’t got that. The basic message “Stay Alert” just isn’t clear enough and there are more questions than answers in the prime minister’s statement, and we now have the prospects of England, Scotland, Wales, with different messages, and pulling in different directions so that clarity isn’t there and the consensus isn’t there.”

Keir goes onto say: “Now I appreciate that there will be more detail tomorrow and they’ll be further questions to be asked, but at the moment there’s a gap between what we really needed tonight and what we got.”

As you can see, Keir does a very shrewd political sleight of hand trick, where he admits more information is coming, yet has a go at Boris and his speech beforehand. This is a brilliant manoeuvre he hopes none of us would spot. His honesty dressed with a pre-kick in the shin didn’t pass our sharp eye, and we will continue to call out his crafty political point-scoring ways.What’re your thoughts on Keir Starmer’s post-Boris interview interview?

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