EU President Charles Michel: “we need to build a better Europe.”

As we start to evaluate the damage to COVID 19 affected areas, it seems the dawn of a new EU is upon us. On Friday the 8th of May, President Charles Michel gave a message for ‘The State of the Union Conference Europe’,. In his message, his statement was wrapped in wartime wording reminiscing on how the EU was created in an attempt to inspire countries going through the COVID 19 pandemic after many Southern European countries were left behind by the EU to defend for themselves.


His speech was an attempt to bring all member states together after the EU decided to turn its back on Southern European countries like Italy. During the COVID 19 pandemic Italy’s borders were slammed shut, preventing emergency cargo going into the affected area’s in Italy to help save lives.

In President Charles Michel speech, he states: “Today many people are comparing the coronavirus crisis to a war. Others reject that metaphor. Never mind this debate: what matters is that we can all engage in fighting this adversity. And we all agree on one thing: this pandemic, the first for a century, is the biggest crisis to affect the whole planet since the Second World War.”

Charles continues:” For the challenge we face is not just to get through the crisis. Pandemics, like economic crises, have a beginning, a middle and an end: we have started to fight this one and thrown considerable resources at it, and we will win the battle. There is no doubt about that. The real, huge challenge for our generation will be to go beyond that victory and turn this unprecedented crisis to our advantage. And to draw from it the lessons and the transformative energy we need to build a better Europe.”

In recent time we keep hearing from the EU that life will never be the same again, and in Charles’s speech, it imagines new beginnings ready for the growth of a new EU.

Mr Michel stated: “A caring society, where individual well-being and collective well-being are fundamental to one another – let us make this Europe’s new horizon, let this be what we direct our energies towards.”
“The rule of law implies, at European as well as national level, the separation of powers and mutual respect between institutions, while respecting the fundamental principle of the hierarchy of norms and the primacy of European law.”

”The ambitious and unifying objective I’ve described will require a practical roadmap. This is the plan for recovery and transformation, which we must make and put into action. In this regard, people have spoken of a new ‘Marshall Plan’, which was named after the American Secretary of State who devised it. Perhaps we could call our project the ‘De Gasperi Plan’, after one of the key contributors to implementing the plan to rebuild Europe? I’m putting the idea out there.”

“We have explained the structure of this plan, and we will soon work on developing it in cooperation with all European institutions, the 27 Member States and all parties involved in European integration, but above all with the European citizens.”

With this new roadmap being built upon a new horizon for the bloc, is this why the EU wants the UK to extend ensuring we are tied into their structures for years to come which would be difficult to leave as new structures are built?

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