Eurocrat plays down the significance of Britains hand as Britain, and the US start trade talks.

EU trade commissioner Phil Hogan has been doing down Britain hand once again after he said: “the United States and South Korea would not sign a trade deal with the UK before a post-Brexit pact with Brussels is complete.” But what he says doesn’t match what’s happening on the ground. It is correct to say that the UK can not sign any new trade deals before we leave the EU in its entirety on 31st Dec 2020. But Britain can line trade deals up ready to sign on 1st Jan 2021 which the EU doesn’t like.

The Government opened energetic trade talks with Washington this week as the two sides come together seeking to conclude an ambitious trade deal. During the negotiations on Tuesday, Britain and the US have agreed to sign off on a new structured deal. Boris Johnson believes this free-trade arrangement will give a significant boost to the UK’s economy as the transition period expires at the end of the year.

International Trade Secretary Liz Truss states: “We want to strike an ambitious deal that opens up new opportunities for our businesses, brings in more investment and creates better jobs for people across the whole of the country.
“As the Prime Minister has said, the UK is a champion of free trade and this deal will make it even easier to do business with our friends across the pond.”

Trade between the two nations is worth £230billion annually.
The talks will look at ways to improve investment and the flow of services and goods. US President Donald Trump has said he expects to hit a fast deal.
Around 100 officials from each side are thrashing out provisions on the potential agreement during the next fortnight.’ Every six weeks, intensive rounds of trade talks are expected to be held.

Mr Lighthizer stated: “Under the leadership of President Trump, the United States will negotiate an ambitious and high-standard trade agreement with the UK, which will strengthen our economies, encourage good-paying projects and significantly enhance opportunities for trade and investment between both nations.”

The Eurocrats statement comes after the bloc needs Britain to register to a regulatory aligned level playing field and keep access to its waters for EU fishing vessels because of the cost for an upcoming trade deal. Mr Hogan joined other high-ranking eurocrats, including chief negotiator Michel Barnier, who have accused Britain of deliberately stalling the trade talks.

But a UK spokesman hit back at the Irishman’s allegations. They said: “We do not recognise the suggestion that we have not engaged seriously with the EU in any area.”


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