Voter “Please, do not give the Italians and the Spanish the money.” Dutch PM quickly responds “no, no, no”. EU division.

Sparks have started to fly between Italy and the Netherlands as the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was captured on video stating to a voter that Italy or Spain would not be getting any support fund money from the Netherlands. The footage showed the Dutch PM at a waste processing plant when an employee said: “Please, do not give the Italians and the Spanish the money.”

The Express did a great interview with Jonathan Portes, Professor of Economics and Public Policy at King’s College, London. Jonathan suggested that the Dutch PM’s behaviour could be pushing Italy out of the EU.
He said: “I don’t think that not just issuing coronabonds will sink the euro area.

“The eurozone collapse will be primarily for political reasons.
“Primarily, because of a public reaction in a country like Italy against the euro or the EU.
“If they elect a nationalist, populist government, which engages in some form of confrontation, that could lead to the collapse of the eurozone.
“I don’t think it is the most likely scenario, but it could happen.”
Mr Portes added: “It could also happen by accident.
“Salvini is too clever to actually leave the eurozone, but could he bluff and could all go wrong for everyone?

“It is a scenario that the eurozone should be very worried about and the reason why they should actually help out the Italian government.”
This conflict once again shows that the EU is not united; instead, they are at odds on which country should bail who out. It also seems that the Dutch PM wants all the trimmings of the EU without lending help in a time of need. If the bloc requires unity and solidarity amongst member states, then it is undoubtedly missing here. Is the EU United? Or do you agree it’s only a matter time till the EU collapses?


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