The tide is turning. Italian Liberal Pro EU supporters ask: “Why do we want to stay in the EU? It is useless”

Over the last few weeks, many countries in the EU have been at loggerheads, fighting over aid and where support should come from. In a time of need, member state leaders and the EU commission haven’t seen eye to eye on how to unify help, aid and emergency supplies. Is it any wonder why the wider public is doubting the future of the EU when those in powerful positions can’t provide a believable vision.

The optics coming from the Bloc is naturally allowing nations to explore other avenues, and some politicians have started to share an alternative vision outside the EU publicly. Brothers of Italy MEP Pietro Fiocchi said: “In recent days, the Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte reassured a truck driver by saying Italy will not receive any non-refundable monetary aid. “The Netherlands behaves like other European nations that, while supporting fiscal dumping, prove uncompromising against the hypotheses of common European debt instruments to mitigate the impact of the profound economic crisis ahead.”This is not the Europe we want.

Just see how low the index of satisfaction of Italian citizens towards the European Union is at the moment.”This should force those who belong to it, especially Germany and France, to think if it is true that Italy counts on Europe.”Would it be the same without our country especially after Brexit?”

With everything that’s going on between the EU and Italy, it’s not surprising that many in Italy have seen the EU for what it is. It’s also not unreasonable for people across the member states to ask the question, what is the EU for?

Mr Calenda, who leads the recently formed liberal Action party, said: “This is an existential threat, I am not sure if we are going to make it. “You have to consider my party is one of the most pro-European parties in Italy and I now have members writing to me saying: ‘Why do we want to stay in the EU? It is useless.’ “A massive, massive shift is happening in Italy. You have thousands of pro-Europeans moving to this position.”Will the EU survive? What’re your thoughts? 

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