Why are our borders not shut to nonessential travel during lockdown? Here’s the governments response.

Britannia News put out a video asking why is our country was still open to people coming in from COVID 19 infected areas from around the world? We also asked why is all nonessential travel to the UK is not being shut down to respect the population at large during this lockdown?

Yesterday Transport Secretary Mr Shapps on Sky News stated this was because over 3 million British citizens had to return to the UK during March. The Transport Secretary also said that Government scientific advisors outlined that placing restrictions on arrivals into the UK would not have been effective once the infection rate reached a certain level. Mr Shapps said: “The first thing to say is we had millions of British nationals to bring home.

“In March on average, 3 million Brits would go abroad, and many of those had to be returned home.

“That process has been continuing for a while.

“The second thing is when the virus is prevalent in your own society; the medical experts tell us there is precious little point if it is already in your existing communities.”

Ms Ridge asked: “So why didn’t we do it before it was prevalent?”

Mr Shapps replied: “As I say there were millions of Brits to get home.”

The Sky News host said: “You can still quarantine them through.”

The Transport Secretary responded: “The rules exist that everybody in this country has to be at home right now, it is illegal not to be.”

Now how is that scientific advice right, when it basically says COVID 19 is here in the UK, so it’s pointless to shut the borders? How is letting more potentially infected people in this country without any checks going to decrease potential cases of COVID 19. Have the government got this wrong? Are we wrong for asking common sense questions? What’re your thoughts?

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