Nigel Farage wrote to the home office in disgust over the illegal migrants coming to Britain undetected. Here’s what was said.

Yesterday Nigel Farage posted a video on social media going after the mainstream media on their neglectful coverage of the boats of illegal migrants crossing the channel daily to get into Britain undetected.

Nigel said: So I’ve been pursuing this and in fact, wrote the home office and asked them whether they accepted that migrants are not being caught and whether they have an estimate of how many were unaccounted for and what was Being done to try and track down illegal immigrants that had evaded the Border Police.

He continues saying: “Well obviously came back and said it is completely inaccurate to claim small boats are arriving into the UK every day. We are using all the skills of the Border Force the National Crime agency immigration enforcement and French law enforcement you’re have a laugh to dismantle an arrest the criminal gangs who trade in people smuggling”.

Mr Farage continued: “Since you all went into lockdown, over 600 people that we know of had coming to the UK. A thousand people, more than a thousand people this year have come into the UK. What percentage do you think they are returned? It’s about three per cent. So it’s like there’s a great big sign on the Cliffs of Dover which says, it’s worth every penny you pay the criminal trafficking gangs because more than likely you’re going to be able to stay”. 


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