Ian Blackford labels a No Deal exit a “chilling prospect”.

Last week SNP MP Ian Blackford wrote a letter to Boris Johnson urging him to extend the negotiations for the maximum extension of two years. This week the SNP MP goes on to Scottish BBC TV labelling leaving the EU without a deal as a “chilling prospect”.

Mr Blackford said: “It is a very chilling prospect.

“On the back of the health crisis, quite rightly we’ve had to take measures to protect people and that’s meant that we’ve crashed the economy.

“Many people were talking about the UK economy shrinking by 35% as a consequence of that.

“I have to say to the Government it’s the height of irresponsibility to then threaten this second blow to the economy if we’re daft enough to go down the road of a no-deal Brexit.”

He continued: “It would mean as businesses have alluded to that this would be a second hit for businesses.

“It would be an impact on customs checks.

“Goodness knows what the trade barriers would be.

“I can’t help reflect that the fishermen in Scotland have found that their markets have disappeared because they haven’t got access to markets in Europe.

“They are rightly being supported by the Scottish Government but that is a taste of what could come.”

One good thing about his extension intervention is that he must realise his time is short, and leaving the EU in its entirety without a deal is becoming a reality. The date we exit the EU is set in law and with the Conservative party, with a majority on a get Brexit done ticket, I can’t see that date changing.


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