Remainer Liddington reckons people wouldn’t find it unreasonable to extend negotiations six months or so

Mr Liddington, Theresa Mays ex deputy, feels he speaks for the leave voter as he ramps up his push for an extension stating that the British people wouldn’t mind an extension given the circumstances. (Nothing to do that he’s a remainer, that would do anything to remain in his beloved political club)

Mr Lidington said: “Both in London and Brussels and every European capital, talented officials are being taken off Brexit duty to go and work on COVID.
“Frankly I think that’s precisely what the people in this country and every European country would be expecting their governments to do.

“I’ve thought for some while; however, much people don’t want it, both in Brussels and in London, they’ll come to the view that some kind of agreed extension is probably just inevitable.”

“I don’t think it’s in anyone’s interests to delay things indefinitely.

“If there had to be an extension, perhaps it might only be six months or so.”

He continued: “COVID is soaking up the lion’s share rightly of government attention, time and bandwidth, in every European country.

“It is the number one risk that business throughout Europe has to deal with, at the moment so I don’t think that the public in any European country, including Britain, would find it unreasonable if there was a need to say, look because of COVID we need to agree to extend this for a bit.

“The voices I hear from British business is somewhat different from what you hear from some political quarters, which is that a cliff-edge at the end of 2020 would be seriously bad for them.

“I think we know already that about a third of the economy is on life support at the moment, it’s going to be tough for quite a lot of businesses to recover at all, let alone recover quickly.

“They want an agreement, which is a continued trade with the rest of Europe.
“That allows goods to go to and from without customs and tariffs, and with as few checks as it is possible to negotiate.

“And one thing we’ve learned from COVID is that not only are our exports important but our imports and getting them in smoothly, things like PPE, is really important to our well being as well.”

How many times will we hear politicians, past and present, blame business or play the COVID 19 card to attempt an extension while claiming the vast majority of people would understand. As it stands, we have a dedicated team of a 100 people working specifically on these negotiations, and by law, we are set to leave on 31st December.

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