Great News – UK and US work towards a trade deal starting on Monday. EU now under pressure.

Great news for the UK. The UK, and the US are going to be working towards a trade deal starting on Monday. The first part of the agreement should be completed by the end of the year just as we leave the EU in its entirety. This will apply pressure on the EU because this will show how eager other countries want to work with the UK. Once we leave the EU structures, we will become a truly global nation once again seeking trade deals with governments around the globe.

The International Trade Secretary Liz Truss and the US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer will be starting negotiations over a video call. It’s said that there will be around 100 negotiators on both sides working over two weeks to pull together a trade deal. The negotiations will continue every six weeks over videoconference until it’s safe to meet face to face.

Ms Truss said: “The US is our largest trading partner and increasing transatlantic trade can help our economies bounce back from the economic challenge posed by Coronavirus.
“We want to strike an ambitious deal that opens up new opportunities for our businesses, brings in more investment and creates better jobs for people across the whole of the country.
“As we sit down at the negotiating table early next week, be assured that we will drive a hard bargain to secure a deal that benefits individuals and businesses in every region and nation of the UK.”

The newly-elected MP for Bishop Auckland argued that Britain would need to trade its way to economic recovery.

She wrote: “Coronavirus has shown us the importance of keeping trade flowing and building diverse supply chains that are robust in a crisis.
“Diversifying our trade beyond the EU and China to critical partners such as the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, is in our interests. But, and this cannot be overstated, this doesn’t mean that countries who don’t play fair will get a free pass.
“We are an aspirational nation that believes in hard work. By embracing this spirit, by being a nation of grafters, by looking outwards rather than in, we can bolster our economy and leave our children with a better future.”


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