Party doner applies pressure on Boris Johnson to extend negotiation talks.

Boris Johnson has repeatedly refused to extend Brexit any further as the Prime Minister has pledged to get trade talks done by December 31, 2020. However, Mr Johnson is currently facing calls to postpone following the coronavirus pandemic, which has made trade discussions hard. The Conservative Party donor, Alexander Temerko, has said to extend for at least one year.

It might be very bravely, although very gradually.
“We definitely will need to open businesses, maybe restaurants and hotels and return the company to construction.
“That is extremely important now.
He added: “Michael Gove, Boris and Alok Sharma agree that we need to use our nationwide business to create new capacity for combating this virus.”
Mr Temerko went on to give his advice.
He said: “We do not understand what sort of rule will be if we leave Europe.
“When we leave Europe, the situation will probably be more demanding.
“My advice is to extend for one year. It is not to continue the Remain idea; I think it would be better for the market.”

Zoom, drinks and casual conversations could be the way of breaking the post-Brexit exchange deadlock, according to insiders.
The first two rounds of trade negotiations between the UK and European Union groups have so far been conducted online via video-conferencing on account of this coronavirus pandemic.
But insiders said that while there were efficacy advantages to online functioning, the ability to”take people off for a coffee and discuss stuff through” was lost without face-to-face contact.

Briefing reporters on Thursday about the progress of the virtual discussions, a source close to the UK negotiating team stated: “The downside is you can not take people off to get a coffee and talk stuff through and possess the casual discussions.
“We’ll have to find means of repeating that. We’ll have to do this by video-conference, by telephone and by other approaches and we’re going to need to become tolerant of one another.
“It’s still possible to have the discussions; what is more difficult to replicate is the atmospherics.
“But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get it done and we’ll aim to get it done over the next few months.”

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