Brexiteer Mark Francois: “We aren’t happy with China”

If it’s demonstrated that Beijing was responsible for this pandemic then china will probably be liable for billions of pounds in compensation, Tory MP Mark Francois has said. The illness emerged near the end of the year and has since infected over three million people claiming over 200,000 lives up to now. Mystery surrounds the circumstances in which the disease started infecting humans. The World Health Organization has said it couldn’t eliminate the possibility that the virus could have spread out of a lab opened by the Chinese government just beyond the city.


There are doubts regarding the total number of cases within the country supported by the Chinese government, which stands at 83,944. Critics including US President Donald Trump have indicated the lack of transparency of the pandemic in China was a significant factor of the spread. Mr Francois said: “The whole world needs to know what occurred in Wuhan and whether this nasty virus escaped from a local Chinese lab or not. “Once we have established what happened, if that was in fact down to astonishing Chinese incompetence then, of course, they ought to pay compensation. Mr Francois, MP for Rayleigh and Wickford failed to put a figure on the amount that China will be expected to pay if it was confirmed negligence was a factor.

An analysis published yesterday by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) suggested GDP was set to fall from seven per cent in 2020, together with public sector borrowing increasing over £200 billion in 2020–21, more than £150 billion more than in the OBR’s forecast at budget time.

Garry Young, NIESR Deputy Director, stated: “There is massive uncertainty about how long and how severe this catastrophe will be. “For our reassuring main-case forecast scenario to come true, it’s crucial to feel that the intricate network of relationships which make up the economy could be revived after the lockdown without any substantial long-term damage.” “So far, the indications are promising, but the most significant challenges are most likely to come as we approach the end or winding down of the lockdown and the supportive schemes are withdrawn. “In those conditions, the authorities’ schemes will need to be adapted to help businesses survive in a partly recovered economy.”

Speaking earlier this week, Mark Francois went on to say: “We are doing quite serious investigations. “We aren’t happy with China. We think it could have been stopped at the origin. “It could have been stopped fast, and it wouldn’t have spread all over the world.”

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