Britain gets tough; We are never going to accept a level playing field.

A story has just broken stating the EU are trying to push the UK into accepting a level playing field. One source near the UK negotiation team said: “If they continue to insist on their position on a so-called level playing field and on continuing the Common Fisheries Policy, for example, we are never going to accept that. “Draw your own conclusion from that, but I hope they will move on.”


Britain has reiterated that the UK will reject any attempts what so ever from the European Union to adhere under a level playing field. Last week Barnier came out to the world’s press. He looked deflated, weak and lost for words; this was after the two sides met for a week’s long negotiation.

The conclusion to the talks showed that the EU wanted maximum control over the UK fishing waters. The UK negotiators battled back stating we are a third country, not an EU member state, we will not be accepting being tied to the EU, this includes UK territorial waters. 

The Government’s negotiators blamed the bloc for the “limited progress” during the first rounds of negotiations on the post-Brexit trade deal. The source said: “We made limited progress in bridging the gaps between us. “We agree with Barnier that there is little time, there is the need to make progress. “What is clear to me is, if we were agreeing on a standard Canada-style free trade agreement, we could do it quite quickly with quite a good understanding between the negotiators on the terms of an FTA. “Of course, there are negotiations to be had, but people understand each other. “But what is slowing us up is the EU’s insistence on the additional provision, notably the level playing field area, aspects of governance and of course there is no meeting of minds on fisheries.

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