Labour finished? Ipsos Poll suggests Journalists trusted more than Labour.

In an interview with shadow cabinet minister Rachel Reeves, the Sky News host pointed out that the new Labour leader Sir Keir had been at work a month and did not seem” to have moved the dial considerably in that time”.


Ms Reeves admitted that Labour has”a great deal to understand and a lot of people’s trust to recover if we’re going to serve this nation in Authorities again”. Burley said: “Keir has a great deal of work to do, hasn’t he? “The latest Ipsos Mori shows journalists, who are definitely not people’s favourites, have a trust of 43 per cent. And Labour is at just 18 per cent.” Ms Reeves quickly responded “But we’ve got four years to do it.

This comes just after Mr Starmer unveiled plans for a series of “Call Keir” sessions that will see him take queries from the public about the coronavirus crisis. He declared the plans to hold virtual meetings in each region across the united kingdom so he can “hear straight” from the public about the effect of the pandemic. Later this evening, the first two sessions, set to be held, will be available to people in Tees and Bury Valley – both regions the Labour Party has to win back.

The meetings will be open to members of the general public in all areas, not just Labour voters, and are aimed at learning the course of the Labour Party’s historic collapse. Ms Reeves explained: “He had initially wanted to travel the country to talk to voters who we had lost the trust of. “He can not do this physically anymore, so we are doing these virtual city meetings. “Voters have repeatedly told me, they don’t feel as if Labour has listened to them and their worries.

That needs to change.” Burley subsequently brought up: “Keir has been in place for a month and that he hasn’t moved the dial considerably in that time?” Ms Reeves fired back: “Well, it is only a couple weeks, and the future of the Labour Party is hardly the most pressing concern of the nation right now. “Everyone is occupied in attempting to conquer the coronavirus. Before this week, Sir Keir attacked Boris Johnson’s cabinet for failing to possess”adult conversations” with voters about their strategies for lifting the coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

In conclusion, it is evident to see that Labour is still not trusted by the British people. There are several reasons why people do not trust Labour. Some are for historical reasons (illegal war, selling off gold, siding with EU and its minions, led by Keir who tried to overturn a democratic vote in the Brexit referendum). There are also recent reasons why Labour can not be trusted like wanting to extend trade negotiations that would be keeping the UK locked into the EU along with the continued payment costing billions of pounds.
Do think Labour can shake off their EU first image? Do you trust Labour?

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