SNP Ian Blackford labels Boris Johnson’s negotiation strategy foolish, saying we should extend for 2 years

Another day, another remainer moaning. Today it was reported in the New European (Pro EU magazine) that SNPs Ian Blackford had written a letter to the Prime Minister. In his letter, he states, it would be “unforgivable” if we exited the EU during the coronavirus crisis. Ian goes on to say we should extend the transition period to the maximum extension of two years. 

Ian calls on Boris to put the Economy ahead of what he calls hardliners in his party. Ian said: “Ploughing ahead with a hard Brexit deadline – and threatening the disaster of no-deal – in the middle of a global pandemic and economic crisis would cause unforgivable damage to jobs, businesses, living standards and the economy.” “The clock is ticking; the Tory leader must show leadership,” 

He wrote: “All logic, and any degree of sense points to the foolishness and irresponsibility of attempting to negotiate an entirely new, and distant, relationship with the European Union, in the midst of the worst health pandemic in a century. “In the face of this health emergency, it is your duty to demonstrate some political courage and explain to those who have supported you in your Brexit efforts that a further EU transition is now needed.” 

Ian Blackford is amongst a growing number of MPs who again call for another extension. In conclusion, I’d like to ask what good is another two years of wrangling over a deal which hasn’t even got legs to start with. Barnier wants the UK to sign over the UK territorial waters in return for a trade deal. Its never going to happen. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, we should leave on WTO rules, and if the EU wants a deal once we are out of the bloc rules entirely then, we can talk. Until then, the negotiations are not going to progress.

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