Should our borders be better protected and shut to all nonessential travel while the UK is in lockdown?

Over the last few weeks, while we’ve all been in lockdown, I’ve been getting more and more concerned at the now steady flow of illegal migrants coming into the UK by boat. In regular times this wave of illegal migrants crossing the channel would be alarming. Still, with reports coming from french camps stating that the french illegal migrant camps are rife with COVID 19, it becomes a severe problem. Reports suggested that illegal migrants coming from channel crossings are not being checked instead observed by nurses for symptoms of COVID 19. Last night there was a report by Nigel Farage who has a witness talking about illegal migrants coming in daily and not being picked up. 

While we are being told by the government to stay at home and protect the NHS, we are seeing reports stating that people are still arriving at airports in the UK. We are still having planes landing with an average of 15,000 people coming in daily, some from COVID 19 hotspots without any checks or quarantine as they go into the UK. Is this right when the citizens of our great country are being told to stay at home, protect the NHS, yet we allow possible active COVID 19 people into the UK.

Some people have become very protective of the government on social media since COVID 19 has hit and rightly so, as they have done their best in working with this pandemic in real-time. Still, there also comes a time when you have enough hindsight in place to know that open borders at a time of citizen lockdown aren’t good optics for the government. If rules state that we the British people need to play by the rules, then our government should be setting the example by leading the way and shutting down the borders to nonessential flights. 

This article is by no way an attack on Boris or his team. Still, from a morally fair point of view, if we the British people are adhering to the lockdown rules, then I feel the government should be protecting the population by considering stopping all nonessential flight and returning all illegal migrants coming to our shores to protect the population’s health during this time of lockdown.

Have I got this all wrong? Or am I right to say that we need to shut borders to nonessential passengers while we are in lockdown? Should the Illegal migrants that cross the channel be sent back to France or should they be allowed to remain in the UK? What’re your thoughts?

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