Raab shuts down remainer BlackFord at PMQ’s “Our position is unchanged the transition period ends on the 31st December that is enshrined in law”

Today at PMQ’s we saw SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford try to take on brexiteer Dominic Raab. The clash wasn’t lived long as Dominic took apart Ian Blackford’s argument after Ian demand a two-year extension to the trade negotiations.

Ian asked: “Michel Barnier has been clear. The UK is refusing to engage seriously on a number of fundamental issues. The government is shamefully gambling our economic future with an No Deal Brexit in the middle of a health emergency. Why is the government threatening to isolate its economy at the end of the year during the biggest economic crisis of our time?”

Dominic Raab responded with a brilliant swipe at EU Chief negotiator Michel Barnier saying: “I’m not sure I’d be quite taking the word of Michel Barnier for the state of progress in negotiations quite as readily and as uncritically as this honourable gentleman has”.

Mr Raab then delivers the shut down to the whole question asked. Raab said: Our position is unchanged the transition period ends on the 31st December, that is enshrined in law. There’s no intention of changing that”.

Ian Blackford didn’t back down; he went on quoting figures from EU leaning bodies. He went on to say: “The IMF says the global economy will suffer its worst financial crisis since the 1930s and the OBR warns that the UK economy could shrink by 35%.” “It’s a reckless and a foolish gamble, show some leadership, face down the hardliners in the Tory party, extend the Brexit transition and let us all get on with the job of tackling This Health crisis together”.


Raab returned rapid-fire saying: “The answer isn’t to engage in protectionism. But to do this deal give, a shot in the arm to businesses on both sides of the channel and that is what we are absolutely wholeheartedly focused on doing, and we’re doing it as one United Kingdom”.

In conclusion the whole clash was uplifting and refreshing to see our government once again battling back the supporters of the soon to be European Superstate under Merkel as she takes the rotating presidency of the European Council in July. We are leaving the EU in its entirety and every time this message gets hammered home the EU will only have one option. Play ball reasonably or we walk. It’s that simple. What did you think of the clash? How did you rate Raabs response?

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