Nearly 500 Illegal Migrants have crossed the English channel making it to Britain in the last month.

The migrants were seen yesterday in a boat off the Kent coast, igniting a rescue mission involving a coastguard helicopter, lifeboats and Border Force boats. All 13 were taken to Dover to be processed by Border Force officials, who had been seen wearing facemasks due to the coronavirus pandemic. The latest arrivals bring the total number of migrants to enter the UK this month to 476 – the highest monthly figure ever recorded. This month’s figure makes up more than half of those estimated 850 migrants that have made the hazardous crossing this year.

The figure can be quickly approaching half of the 1,850 who left it to Britain throughout the entire world of 2019. On Saturday, 35 more migrants successfully crossed the English Channel in four suburban boats. By 6.35 am another rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) arrived at Dover. Some 13 guys, who stated they were Iraqi and Iranian, were arrested. Two hours later, at 8 am, seven men from the same two states were stopped. A fourth boat was also being dealt with by the Border Force on Saturday evening. More than 60 migrants crammed in four small boats were also stopped before this month. Not one of the migrants ceased because the outbreak of coronavirus has been analyzed. Instead, the Home Office says it’s going to observe asylum seekers such as symptoms of this virus and also isolate those were necessary.

That is despite reports that a number of those living in migrant camps in France have been infected with the deadly virus. Instead of test asylum seekers, the Home Office says nurses and doctors will instead examine them for any symptoms of Covid-19. Any individual showing signs will probably be isolated, including those in detention centres, where particular isolation areas have been set up, the Home Office said.

This month’s figure of nearly 500 migrants makes up almost half of those estimated 950 migrants who have made the hazardous crossing. A charity supervisor has described the situation as ‘dreadful’. Stephen Hale, the chief executive of charity Refugee Action, stated: ‘It’s dreadful that people including young children have to risk their lives to seek refuge in the UK because of a lack of safe and legal routes to get here. ‘The Government should stop talking hard and begin thinking smart.’ More avenues for people to claim protection in the UK has to be created, such as a devotion each year to resettle 10,000 refugees.’

Minister for Immigration Compliance and the Courts Chris Philp said that the government would ‘not stand by criminals who prey on the vulnerable’. He said: ‘Criminal gangs are currently using false claims smuggle people in the UK and to take advantage of situations.’ We are determined to stop this illegal transaction and prevent these crossings.’ We will apply the law, and we will seek justice.’ her counterpart and The Home Secretary have reaffirmed their commitment and devotion to handling this offence.’ 

We are continuing to encourage the French to set up patrols on detection equipment, drones, expert vehicles, and French shores to prevent these ships from leaving European shores.’ To the offenders we say this — we’ll work to bring you and your heinous crimes will not be tolerated to justice’ Minister for Immigration Compliance and the Courts Chris Philp noted earlier this month that the government ‘would not stand by while malicious criminals prey on the vulnerable’. At the same time, Dover MP Natalie Elphicke has predicted for people attempting to enter the country illegally to be sent back to France or be placed in an immediate 14-day quarantine.


Home Secretary Priti Patel stated she was ‘determined’ to prevent illegal Channel crossings, adding: ‘I will not stand by while malicious criminals prey on the vulnerable.’ Meanwhile, Natalie Elphicke, Dover MP, has known for people attempting to enter the country illegally be placed within a direct 14-day quarantine or to be shipped back to France. She explained: ‘the lockdown of France means people need permission to walk the dog. So how come countless migrants can pile illegally and into ship’s motor into Britain?’ We know that the coronavirus has infected the French camps.’ The French have been paid thousands of pounds to stop these journeys being made. In essence, the Home Office must create the honour of their obligations to block the spread of the virus to Britain.’ I have long said that anyone trying to split into Britain should be returned into France.’

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