EU demand status quo on fishing quotas with automatic access in the U.K. waters post Brexit. Boris Johnson’s Negotiators say NO!

A leading think tank “Brexit watch” has suggested that the Prime Minister should use the threat of no-deal as leverage to force Michel Barnier to back down in the row over fishing. Brexit watch has claimed the UK has a more substantial hand after Michel Barnier insisted that the only way to a trade deal is if the EU has continued access to UK waters post Brexit.


The group’s chairman and former Brexit party chairman Ben Habib, has reportedly said in the Express: “I am delighted that fishing is first up because, even though it’s a small part of our GDP, it’s of totemic importance to our coastal communities. “it’s terrific that the EU has insisted that it wants to bring it right up front before they’ve conceded anything to us on the trade deal because now Britain will be able to see how unreasonable the EU is. “We’ll also be able to judge how effective our negotiators are because they need to chuck this right out of the court.” 

In these negotiation talks, Brussels has insisted on cherry-picking in areas that would benefit the block, so the EU’s Brexit stance comes as no surprise to the UK trade negotiator `David Frost. In previous talks, Michel Barnier stopped the progression on negotiations until the UK signed up to a hefty multi-billion pound Brexit divorce Bill, Irish border and citizens rights. Mr Habib states that David Frost should learn from the mistakes made by previous predecessors. He continued: “They kept cherry-picking all the way through, so the cherry-picking on fishing is just another step in a long line of cherry-picking,” he added. “If fishing proves to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, our trade agreement with them, then so be it. Let’s go WTO.” 

It was only a couple of days ago when Micheal Gove accused the EU of failing to understand the UK’s position on fisheries. The Minister said: “The EU quite rightly say you can’t have the same rights if you do not have the same obligations outside as inside and we accept that. “But the EU don’t appear to accept their own logic when it comes to fisheries. They want to continue to have more or less the same access.” 

Previously the UK negotiator David frost stated that the UK wanted fisheries to be discussed as a separate side agreement, separate from the trade deal. Michel Barnier, on the other hand, is being stubborn by wanting the UK to sign to his agreement which sees the status quo on quotas, with automatic rights into the UK waters post-Brexit. The UK has refused to play ball asking: Can you give an example of a third nation that has a trade deal with the EU who has given up their territory in return for a free trade agreement??? The EU couldn’t answer. What’re your thoughts on this? Do you agree with us when we say the EU is trying to have their cake and eat it while complaining about the UK not bowing down to their one-sided demands?

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