“No one seems to care” 76 Illegal Migrants Intercepted crossing the channel, taken to Dover, MSM silent on the issue.

The Brexit Party leader said that he was”angry” no journalists questioned Home Secretary Priti Patel about the latest Border Force update when she led the coronavirus daily briefing at Downing Street press conference on Saturday. Nigel Farage questioned the safety of UK borders as he was shocked by reports demonstrating 521 migrants were believed to have crossed the Channel since lockdown measures began in the united kingdom. 

Speaking on his Sunday LBC radio series, he said: “Here’s a story you won’t hear anywhere else because nobody is interested apparently.”No one cares!”They’re coming, of course, from camps in northern France where we understand this (coronavirus) infection exists.”There were last week at Dover two people who distinctly displayed symptoms of Covid-19.”And we know that barely anyone that is coming illegally into the country via this route ever gets shipped back. “No questions, nobody seems to care. I am furious about it. Is it only me? 

Border Force ships were scrambled from the Kent coast to the three incidents on Saturday. In the first incident, 14 men and a woman were detained aboard a rigid-hulled inflatable vessel (RHIB) at 3:40 am, with the occupants introducing themselves as Iranian, Kuwaiti and Iraqi. The next boat, which was intercepted at 6:35 am, carried approximately 13 guys who said they were Iraqi and Iranian, together with the RHIB being stopped at 8 am seven guys. A Home Office spokesman stated the illegal migrants were sent to Dover in which they were transferred to authorities to be handled in accord with rules. 

Border Force also intercepted five small ships between 8 am, and 1 am on Friday, carrying out a total of 76 individuals as well as three young children. A total of 864 migrants have forced it into the UK so far this year, data gathered by the PA news agency shows. Over half of them (at 486) arrived in the previous month, since the country went to lockdown on March 23, PA analysis of these figures suggests. It’s thought almost 2,000 migrants made it to Britain in 2019.”Eleven people smugglers are placed behind bars this year as a consequence of Immigration Enforcement investigations.”Assets on the floor in France also have been enhanced to provide 24/7 cover of the northern shores making more detections before ships can leave the shore, cutting the number of attempted crossings.”

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