CONTROVERSIAL VIDEO – Dr Erickson releases new COVID 19 figures which contradict computer model projections.

Dr. Daniel W. Erickson of Bakersfield, California, is a former emergency-room Doctor who co-owns, Together with his partner Dr. Artin Massih, Accelerated Urgent Care at Bakersfield. They’re experienced in dealing with respiratory ailments and viruses, professionals who have 40 years of experience. Seeing the news in China in January, they knew the virus was on its way. Tests were arranged by them, since they knew they would need them. They analyzed thousands of people and discovered for themselves what epidemiologists around the planet are saying: COVID-19 came than previously believed, is much more ubiquitous, and ultimately for the populace less deadly than we believed.

They went public with their findings, which are not generated from a predictive model but instead the actual details of this situation, while this realization is dawning on people around the globe. In the course of their press conference, they addressed the question of whether California should have closed down much of its market. Their response is no. They conclude with the need to start up quickly.

“If you are going to dance on someone’s constitutional rights you better have a good reason, you better have an excellent reason, not just a theory,” he said. “The data is showing us it is time to lift (the stay-at-home orders) so if we don’t lift, what is the reason?”

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The political period of Brexit stopped on Jan. 31, with the UK leaving the bloc after 47 years of membership but staying an EU member till the end of this year. The UK and EU need to agree to the terms of the future financial alliance by Dec. 31 or extend the transition period. The deadline for this request is June 30; however, the British government has said it won’t seek an extension. 

Barnier named the areas where “the advancement was unsatisfactory” as trade, fisheries, and legal alliance. The EU is asking the UK to maintain standards on social issues, environmental security and state aid regulation. EU is also not willing “to agree on any upcoming venture with no balanced, yet long-term sustainable solution on fisheries,” Barnier said. The EU’s terms demand reciprocal access and cap the fishing using quotas. 

The bloc also needs the UK to comprehend that the support of the European Court of Justice in all areas of collaboration, as well as to recognize the power of the European Convention of Human Rights, particularly. “The truth is that a market of 66-million customers is negotiating with a market of 450-million consumers,” Barnier said.

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