The mood coming out of Downing Street is to not extend.

Since Barnier decided to take a swipe at the UK at Friday’s post-trade negotiation press conference, we’ve had prominent Brexiteers and members of Boris Johnson’s team defending the UK. Brexit party, MEP Alexandra Phillips, come out with a solid reason on why the UK shouldn’t begin extending the transition period. Alexandra expressed that the UK would have to pay billions more in the EU budget, at a time where the UK is going through a massive financial recovery.

Ms Phillips said: “The mood coming out of Downing Street is to not extend.” “One reason would be having to pay into the EU budget” “We’re taking a look at a large debt crisis coming up in the eurozone.” “The Remainer school of thought will probably be this isn’t the opportunity to tear up the status quo”

She explained: “Arguably it’s nice to have a serious conversation face-to-face” “But I can’t see anything that can’t be done. You don’t need to be face-to-face.” “Throughout the gift of contemporary technology people are able to join and all be part of this conversation.” “This can be achieved and it has to be accomplished.”

Over the last few months. The UK Prime Minister has been explicit with his words stating that the UK will not be extending the transition period beyond its deadline date. There is a crucial meeting in June where Ursula Von de Leyen will meet to discuss how much progress has been made and whether or not to carry on with looking for a trade deal or cut our ties and prepare to leave on WTO rules.

The June meeting is also the deadline date to ask for an extension; the extension to the transition period can only go ahead if both sides agree to extend past the set deadline. But here’s the crux for the EU. The UK put it into law that the deadline can not be extended and doing so would be illegal. The following two rounds are due to take place in a few weeks May 11 and June 1

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