Senior Tory MPs urge Boris Johnson to tear up divorce bill if no trade deal is done.

Senior Tory MPs have come out urging Mr Johnson to tear up the £39bn divorce bill to the EU if there isn’t a trade deal in 2020. David Frost, the chief Brexit negotiator, verified that the government wouldn’t cave in to demands from Brussels. The UK must maintain hold of the £39bn divorce bill and put this to deal with coronavirus. 

North West Leicestershire MP Andrew Bridgen said, “Circumstances have changed. The united kingdom taxpayer now has a significant bill to select up to cover the coronavirus aftermath. “We cannot afford to pay massive sums of cash to some dysfunctional organisation which we are no longer part of. “The government needs to look at this, particularly if the EU fails to complete an acceptable trade deal with us, we ought to be paying nothing.” 

There are concerns that Brussels is dragging its feet to induce from leaving the bloc to delay the UK. Peter Bone MP said that Brexit talks could occur via video connection; thus, there is no need. He said, “Given that Britain has paid the EU about £210bn currently they should be paying us not us them. “I never agreed that we should cover them £39bn. “When the EU itself does not act in good faith and agree on a sensible, right free trade deal, then we ought to rethink the cash we promised to cover from the Withdrawal Agreement.” 

Former cabinet minister David Jones said, “It is good that David Frost has verified the transition period will end on 31 December. “The government has said it will pay what is due, but we should not pay a cent more. Macron insists Brussels have “no choice” and must set up a rescue fund which enables poorer member countries to discuss their debt with all the wealthier states. 

Macron has slammed the EU over their handling of the coronavirus pandemic and said the bloc faces a “moment of truth” to prove and decide whether they’re only a single economic market. The French President told the Financial Times, “If we can’t do this today, I inform you that the populists will win now, tomorrow, the day after, in Italy, in Spain, possibly in France and elsewhere.
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