Italian MEP sends a message to Brussels – “Dear European bureaucrats, you are out of your mind. Italy’s people are sick of paying for Europe. “

Michel Barnier is hoping the UK calls for an extension in June when they have vital discussions on what path to take. Even though the EU may want the UK to extend the UK is still standing by its guns being very adamant, the UK will not be calling or accepting and extension if the EU ask for one.

Mark Francois said: Italy has suffered the death toll on Prime Minister and also the continent, Giuseppe Conte has criticised the EU for not acting soon enough to encourage the nation. The Express report professor, Alex de Ruyter manager of Birmingham University’s Centre for Brexit Studies, said the bloc would struggle to present a unified negotiating stage going forward after the coronavirus pandemic. Mr de Ruyter said: “The EU has worked extremely hard to maintain post-Brexit unity and at the moment that is ongoing.”

So far, Brexit has appeared more likely to divide the UK compared to the rest of the EU.”However, keep in mind that in case of a so-called ‘mixed agreement’, each member state has a veto, so anticipate a host of issues to develop.”The bloc was savaged by Italian MEP Mara Bizzotto and insisted the country is sick of paying for Europe in light of the coronavirus crippling the continent. She explained: “Dear European bureaucrats, you are out of your mind.

Italy’s people are sick of paying for Europe. “Italians are sick of each year using tens of thousands of euros stolen by their pockets.”Leaders discussed a package on Thursday was required to help revive the trade bloc. States throughout the EU were requested to consider Spain’s £1.3trillion investment package to rebuild the worst-hit nations. Although states such as Germany, Austria and the Netherlands have rejected the plan, a program is set forward by Italy’s Prime Minister Conte.

The debt would raise for countries throughout the continent to help pay for the effect of the coronavirus. In keeping with Italy’s criticism for the bloc, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has stated the bloc is facing its worst crisis since the Second World War. Writing in The Guardian earlier this month, he said: “Europe is currently enduring its worst crisis since the second world war.”

Our taxpayers are dying or fighting for their lives in hospitals that are overwhelmed by a pandemic which represents the greatest threat to public health as the 1918 flu pandemic.”And we have to act now or never, because, at this moment, Europe itself is at stake.”Ahead of the talks on Thursday, the Foreign Affairs Minister of Spain said the EU should take the large proposal to keep the bloc alive. Speaking to Euronews, she explained: “What we need in this crisis we all sink or we all float.”Spain wants everybody to float, for sure, and this is why what we have done is precisely what every nation who wants to help build consensus in Europe would do.”We set a fiscal proposal on the desk, a responsible proposal, it builds on existing mechanisms, it’s challenging.”
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