Grant Shapps shoots down the EU – “We’re not going to entertain an extension to the transition period”

Another day another attempt from the press to battle on behalf of the EU’s interest. The EU’s chief Brexit negotiators claimed yesterday the UK could not refuse to extend the transition period while slowing down discussions on critical areas.


At yesterday’s coronavirus press briefing the Transport Secretary hit back after press ran with Barnier’s claims that no progress had been made. Grant Shapps reaffirmed that an extension to the transition period would not be entertained.

Mr Shapps said: “People may not be aware that these have been continuing in this period, and they take place via video.

“The latest round has just taken place, and it included some very good progress on some areas.

“For example, NG transport and civil nuclear all made significant progress.

“Transport is one of the areas where actually there isn’t necessarily quite so much distance between us.”

He goes onto say: “It is true to say that this country voted to leave the EU, even though I myself did not in that referendum.

“We’ve also had a general election since in which a lot of people voted for the manifesto saying that this is exactly what we are going to do.

“We’re not going to entertain an extension to the transition period. That remains the case.

“We think the best way of providing certainty to all businesses out there is to know that we’re not going to keep chopping and changing.”

The Transport Secretary reaffirmed: “The transition period will end at the end of the year.

“We will carry on these negotiations with the EU in good faith, along with negotiations with other countries in the world.”

Even though the UK has left the EU due to the rules of the transition period, we are still bound by the bloc’s rules.

The reason for the transition period was to see if there was any common ground between the two sides to do a deal before we exited in its entirety.


The UK is still paying money to the EU’s coffers even though we are not being represented at the table.
There will be a significant discussion in June between Boris Johnson and Ursula Von de Leyen in regards to seeing what progress has been made. If not enough movement has been made, then the UK will be preparing to leave on WTO rules when the transition period ceases on 31st December 2020.

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