EU commission release video “coronavirus story so far”, yet forget to mention their lack of help to Italy.

It was only a couple of weeks ago we saw Ursula Von de Leyen make a public apology to Italy as the commission come under fierce fire from the Italian politicians and its people. It is well documented that the EU left Italy to defend itself as the bloc sealed its borders and refused medical aid being sent.

This video paints an entirely different picture. They go on about how prepared they were and how they helped member states out with the coming pandemic. This propaganda video conveniently missed out the lack of solidarity with Greece, Italy or Spain, as those countries went their way in combating this outbreak alone.

Many times Italy went to the EU to ask for the activation of help from the EU’s Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) but time and time again they were refused immediate help. Support was then offered to Italy from Chile, China and Russia as they rushed in with supplies and doctors to help them in their dire need.

Many Italian town mayors, politicians and members of the public took down EU flags in protest of the treatment, and now there are record high numbers in Italy wanting to leave the EU.
Will Italy be next to leave? What’re your thoughts?
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