Barnier is out of tricks as EU demands FAIL – UK reaffirms negotiations are between separate “sovereign equals” not a subservient member state.

What a day it’s been for the British trade negotiators. Not only did they stand up to the EU, but Barnier who is the EU’s chief negotiator looked rattled, deflated, defeated and out of options. Barnier, at his post negotiation press conference, come out trying to look like he had the upper hand. Still, everything he said and his body language told a completely different story.


For the first time, the EU looked weak and rudderless. Yet again, Barnier pushed the double tact approach. Firstly he tried to sound sincere by pointing blame at the British for not obeying the EU’s demands, yet using the threat of walking from negotiations which we all know the latter he wouldn’t dare do, especially when the UK has the upper hand on the fisheries.

With this whole negotiation circus reaching its conclusion, the EU continues to demand the UK to be subservient to EU rules and regulations. Its was refreshing to hear Barnier state that UK trade negotiator David Frost repeatedly reaffirmed that this negotiation was between two “sovereign equals”. This tells us that the UK negotiators have been repelling the attempted oppression of the standard EU bully boy tactic; instead, the UK finally stood up and held its ground.

Barnier tried to belittle Britain after insinuating the agreement was being sought between a massive bloc and a smaller nation. Belittling is again a tactic used to try and make a nation feel worthless yet that country he calls the” smaller nation” hold a priceless asset which Barnier knows he can’t have or control, that asset is the soon to be returned fishing waters.
The EU so far have tried everything in an attempt to bring the UK to heel, yet every tactic used has frustrated the EU as it hasn’t been able to force the demand to obey

The EU has vital elements which they want, and two of the critical areas are competition and fisheries. With competition the EU is fearful that the UK would become too competitive so to cut the competitiveness of the UK, the EU is demanding something called the level playing field which they claim “Commitments should prevent distortions of trade and unfair competitive advantages. To that end, the envisaged agreement should uphold the common high standards in the areas of State aid, competition, state-owned enterprises, social and employment standards, environmental standards, climate change, and relevant tax matters.” In other words, they want the status quo but rewrapped in different packaging.

With fishing, the EU demands us to stay “in line with the relevant principles under international and Union law, notably those underpinning the Common Fisheries Policy as laid down in Regulation (EU) No 1380/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 December 2013.” In other words, our water will be ruled under EU law, and the common fisheries policy would stay in place.

The EU continues saying “To reach this objective, the provisions on fisheries should build on existing reciprocal access conditions, quota shares and the traditional activity of the Union fleet, and therefore: provide for continued reciprocal access, for all relevant species, by Union and United Kingdom vessels to the waters of the Union and the United Kingdom; define stable quota shares, which can only be adjusted with the consent of both Parties. As you can see, the EU still want to be in control of our fishing grounds ruled by their courts, rules and directives yet they dare to claim it’s under a partnership.

Bottom line is the whole negotiation has exposed the EU as being weak and a non-entity. Their tactics of suppression and wearing down the opponent also isn’t working. They have become predictable, and it’s clear to see that it is they who are struggling. Not only is the EU still trying to treat the UK as a fellow member, but they also seem to be sidestepping the facts. After this transition period, the UK will become a separate entity, without any connection to the EU retaking its rules, laws, money and its waters which the UK and its people will rule all.
What’re your thoughts? Do you think the EU has now become a foreign entity?

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