The Media go for Trump with their false disinfectant narrative.

The mainstream media are hitting out at Trump once again this morning (no surprise there). Last night at Trumps Coronavirus press conference he spoke highly about our prime minister, saying he’s ready to go and that he’s recovering amazingly fast. Then Trump started to talk about treatment for the coronavirus and this is where media have spun what Donald Trump was getting at. Instead the Fakestream media’s narrative this morning is “Trump wants to inject disinfectant into people”, now let’s get rid of this disinformation with a bit of truth and context.



Donald Trump stated that disinfectant kill viruses in minutes (True), Trump then insinuates wouldn’t it be great if we could have something similar which could be injected to clean the body from different viruses (yes it would), well doesn’t Trump have a point? What’s if something could be made which kills viruses just like disinfectant does. Wouldn’t that save lives? Yet the media spun this news like Trump was nuts saying he wanted to injecting actual disinfectant into people, which he did not suggest.

No matter your feelings on Donald trump, you can’t knock him for staying upbeat for America. He’s always looking for the betterment of people. So many politicians have a massive can’t do attitude, how many reading this have gone to their local MP (representatives) asking for help? I know I have and my MP was throwing up problems with out any investigation into helping the problem I had. Trump on the other hand isn’t a politician, he’s a business man, and because of that he seeks solutions to problems just like this.

You also may not know but Donald Trump is a massive germaphobe, which means he loves cleanliness hence his interest in cleaning up coronavirus. Trump does what he states he will do, he doesn’t give you pipedreams then doesn’t deliver what was promised. To be honest it’s a massively rare thing to see a person in politics keeping to his word and that’s why the worlds media hates him.

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