Liddington predicts a backlash from the public if we were to leave the EU in it’s entirety on WTO rules.

Since negotiations have got underway, many fellow remainers have been coming out of the woodwork. One of the key remainers that was in Theresa Mays cabinet David Liddington tried to use the generic excuse of “There is not enough bandwidth to pay attention to Brexit in Whitehall or the European Commission and the major capitals.” Anyone would think that the UK or the EU don’t have dedicated teams of people specifically assigned to work on these specific negotiations.

Mr Liddington also cites that to push ahead with leaving the EU in its entirety this year will likely to trigger a backlash from the public. This is such a hypocritical self-centred comment to make. Since 2016 himself and his team were feeding the people a yarn for four years promising to come out of the EU yet, it becomes blatantly evident as time went on that when the time to leave came they continually extended talks.

Liddington and his remainer saboteurs did all they could to pretend to do the bidding of the UK in the EU. Yet, it was startling to visually see May and her team weren’t doing the bidding for the UK, but May and her team were doing the bidding for the EU in our parliament. Time and time again the term “no deal is better than a bad deal” was repeated, then when no deal was the only option left, again and again, the extensions came and went. All this and now Liddington dares to warn of a backlash.

But here’s the hook line, Liddington then states “We suddenly live in a different world. I recently stood in line for the supermarket, and a fellow villager said to me: ‘If only we could just talk about the Brexit sideburns again’. Liddington is clearly stating that he would find it acceptable to extend again, continuing uncertainty and overturning democracy would be worth it if we could stay in the EU.

Picture this… If Liddington got his way with an extension, the UK would have to keep tied to EU rules, but this time the timetable for negotiations would be on EU’s terms. We would still have to adhere to EU rules, and due to the UK being in transition we would be prohibited from doing trade deals, we wouldn’t have a seat at the EU table while having to pay into the EU continually. We would become a rudderless entity, a laughingstock of the world while paying for the privilege.

This is why Boris Johnson has to put this to bed. Even more so now we have such debt in this country due to the coronavirus. Boris Johnson does seem to have the backbone to see this through, and hopefully, his team around him will do the right honourable thing and keep to the path of fully enact the wishes of 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU.
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